I'm a graphic designer and illustrator based in Alberta, Canada. I'm a big fan of art many of its forms: theater, illustration, graphic design, cartoons, video games, storytelling, fashion... You name it. While I mainly focus on design and illustration, I also dabble in photography, and video editing.
My visual style revolves around strong, simple shapes and lots of bright colours. However, I always try to choose the right style for every project, even if it's not the one that comes to me naturally. I enjoy challenging myself and stepping out of my visual arts comfort zone.
As a designer, I think it's important to always learn new things; enjoy the little details, and take in interest in a multitude of different areas. Ride a bike, closely inspect snowflakes, research the history of traditional Inuit tattoos, come to love and respect the vast subculture of the humble goth community... It may seem unrelated, but art is inspired by life. The more you experience and grow as a person, the more you'll find you have grown as an artist. 
Remember to respect goths,
Kat K.
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